Viva el Arte in Costa Rica – Part1

Since I moved to the U.S in 2011, I’ve been trying to come back to Costa Rica, my home country, a couple of times a year to see my family and participate in the two art shows that I used to participate in before moving (it always surprises me to think that I currently participate in about twenty art shows in the Outer Banks every year! Most of them are very small shows, but still!). Yesterday was the last day of Viva el Arte, this really, really cool show in Costa Rica at a shopping center called Plaza del Sol in the busy suburbs of Curridabat, San José. Every time I’m getting ready to travel for this show (specially the day I’m packing!), I feel a little overwhelmed and think it is a little crazy to come for only a week, attend the four day show (1 day is set up and opening, the other three days we are here for nine hours), and then try to hang out with friends and family for the remaining days. But as soon I’m here, all set up, I feel so happy that I made it. The artists here are so awesome, so much fun to be around; my friends and family come and visit here as well, so it is great to catch up in between tending the customers, not to mention that I can usually cover my airfare with the sales. Win/win situation, no doubt.

I wanted to share a few pictures of some of the booths of the artists that were my neighbors this year, as well of a couple of pictures of my booth (I will share pictures of other artists tomorrow).

Arturo Santana, Venezuelan/Costa Rican artist who has resided in Costa Rica for decades, and his wife, Lilibeth Martínez were to my left. Arturo started his art career as a painter but currently sculpts as well. I’ll let the images do the talking, here are some pictures of their work, taken yesterday at the show.

.   IMG_0842 IMG_0843 IMG_0844

Next to Arturo and Lilibeth was Adrián Gómez, his colorful paintings and characters, inspired by the Caribbean of Costa Rica always get a lot of attention at this show. Don’t let the picture fool you, he’s always cracking jokes, you’re guaranteed to be entertained if you’re his neighbor at the show, he’s not as serious as he looks in the picture!


Next to Adrián, one of my personal favorites, awesome young designer María José Da Luz, I, of course, bought a couple of her illustrations and I’m thrilled. I think the design world needs to keep an eye on this one (I believe they already are ;)), I have no doubt that she’s going to make it far.


IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826


And last, I would just like to share a few pictures of my space….I had a great time at this show as always and I’m looking forward to next year. Tomorrow, I will share some images of some of my other neighbors, including a couple of my other personal favorites :)

Have a great Monday!

IMG_0829 IMG_0828