Sketch vs Painting

I had the opening of my solo show at the beginning of this month. I wanted to add some text to the side of the paintings and an image of where the inspiration for the painting had come from, since I often get asked: “where do you come up with the ideas for this?” mainly because of all the crazy colors I use and the added elements that I put in my paintings (circles, spirals, dots). I’ve been basing myself on photographs a lot for the work I’ve been producing lately that is inspired by the Outer Banks, but many times I will just paint from my head. While I’m painting I will  sometimes realize that what I am painting -even though I rarely plan it this way-, resembles a place where I have been or traveled to. What surprises me the most is that often times  people will recognize these places in my paintings, even if it is  just my  ”quirky” interpretation of it, from my imagination,  and not intended to be realistic at all.

For my show, I printed the text with the image for each painting and mounted them on mat board. It turned out that putting them next to the paintings was too much, the walls looked to busy, so I just put them in a basket with a sign: “Can you match the picture to the paintings on the wall?”, turns out people have been having a blast with it, specially when kids come to the show.

I don’t get to show my sketchbook often, and I wonder if people would be surprised to see that my sketches are extremely simple and most of the time have no color in them. I love to solve the color “problem” while I’m painting, and even if I put color in my sketches, I will completely ignore it while I’m painting and just figure it out again as I go. Below are some examples of what the sketch looked like, versus the finished painting, the titles of the paintings are: “Houses on the Bridge”, “Bikes and Canals” and “The Pier”.

Now I better get back to my family, we’re in Luray, VA for the weekend and it is family time!

I would love to read your comments, if you have any :)

DSC_0116Houses on the Bridge

DSC_0105Bikes and Canals


The Pier