Floral Madness!

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It's been floral madness around here for several weeks and I have enjoyed it sooo, soo much. I still have about 11 more florals to paint to complete my #30daysofflowers challenge. It's has not been a daily thing some weeks, some weeks it has, but I'm very happy with what I have so far. I really recommend taking a challenge like this on whatever subject interests you (or even a subject you have difficulty with!) to see some magic happen in your art and creative process. I would also like to invite you to check out amazing artist @victoriajohnsondesign , who is working on a 100 days of florals challenge!! for some serious floral eye candy. In this picture you can see some of what is now available on my website www.carolinacotoart.com as prints (and some of them also as originals). Pheww, that was a long post :) #floralchallenge #floraldesign #floraldecor #floralart #flowers #floralpainting #becreative #calledtobecreative #carolinacotoart #creativeminds #creativehappylife

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