The Wonders of Attending “Virtual” School- MATS Blog Tour

I’m writing this post as part of a blog tour that my classmates for “Make Art that Sells” (a.k.a MATS), Part A class organized.

Through the month of October, I virtually attended Lilla Roger’s amazing “Make Art that Sells” class. The class is five -jammed packed with wonderfulness- weeks long. 

Every week we studied a different art market and every week we were given a design assignment for that market (if you want to see what I came up with every week, please check my post about it here :) ). At the beginning of the class, Lilla gave us a “Make the Most of It” Planner. I filled it up enthusiastically the first day, committing to at least 2 hours a day, which was already double of what was estimated as the minimum (7 hours) that we needed for the class every week. Well, little did I know that I would sometimes spend 10 hours non stop in one day, in front of the computer or with my iPad, or with the sketchbook, working on the main assignment or the “mini” assignment that was given in preparation for the main one. I don’t doubt that this was the case for many of my classmates.

My classmates, my wonderful classmates. The class was marvelous, amazing, but it turned into something even more terrific (am I running out of adjectives that mean “super great”??) with the Facebook group that was created for the class, and the brilliant people that were (and still are) part of it and the interactions that took place in the group through these 5 weeks -interactions that are still taking place today, 4 weeks after the class ended (and I reckon will still be taking place a year from now)-.

Lilla Roger’s way of teaching, injecting us every day with positivism and words of wisdom, turned this class into an incredible artistic journey of growth and discovery, an art boot camp if you will.

We would share our progress in the Facebook group pretty often, sometimes every few hours! (I promise we were working hard! but hey, we all needed some feedback here and there!) and through the five weeks it was just so great and exciting to see everybody’s work and to get feedback from such talented people.

Other two classmates are writing about the class today as part of the blog tour, they are Jen Burbridge, whose work you can see here: as well as Aileen Tu, who’s work you can see right here:

I want to share my favorites from the work they each did for the class, my favorites from Jen were her beautiful plates for week 2, Home Decor:


and my favorite from Aileen was her super fun lush zipper pouch for week 5, Gift:

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.30.12 AM

Beautiful stuff huh??? Too bad there’s time and space limitations and I can’t share my other million favorite assignments submitted by my classmates, buuut, if you want to go check them out by yourself, please make sure to visit the blogs of the other talented artists and designers that are part of this tour, you won’t regret it, I promise!

Here they are:

Aisha KhanLinda TordoffJill ByersMartina LenhardtMelissa DoranSarah GagerHungYu CHENStephanie CorfeeSophie VerhilleJo ChambersSon AtwalAngie SandyRachael SchaferSarah EhlingerJordan Vinograd KimJen BurbridgeAileen TuClaire LordonEva Marion SeyffarthAnna WhitfordMary TananaJennifer WambachVictoria JohnsonEmily DyerNic SquirrellMelinda HopkirkDeb TrevittDanielle McDonaldJennifer AppelWendy BrightbillRenske de KinkelderNicole PiarAndrea van DalenOhn Mar WinDiane NeukirchLisa Deighan.


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