My Poor Neglected Blog :(

It’s been more than a month since my last post. Yikes.  All of my time was completely taken by a class I took the last 5 weeks, fabulous Lilla Roger’s “Make Art that Sells”. Every week we studied a different market, Bolt Fabric, Home Decor, Children Picture Books, Wall Art and Gift. Every week was challenging, every week I was taken out of my comfort zone with the assignments we were given for each Sunday; sometimes I was pleased with what I had come up with, sometimes I cried. Yup. I did. Over a plates design. I did.

I don’t want to go over the details of the class way too much, since my wonderful classmates (now also art friends and tribe!) have organized a blog tour and I will be writing more in detail about the class next week, when I’m scheduled for the tour. I actually should have posted about every week’s assignments, like most of my classmates did, but I’ve been bad, bad. I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by the class and my mind was 120% on it and couldn’t think about writing in my poor, beloved, blog. Also, I have to confess, I was shy to show my assignments sometimes. I didn’t feel my work measured up to the quality of work I saw from many of my classmates, but I think I was being too tough on myself. Aren’t we all artists like that sometimes? Not necessarily a bad thing, I think it help us improve for sure, challenge ourselves, grow!

But I do have to share something right?? I want to share my first fabric collection! Yeww! Yes, I’ve been taking classes and classes and classes lately, and I love it. Another class I’m working my way through right now is “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” by fantastic designer Rachel Taylor. I made a small collection of 4 designs, kind of “earthy” and nature inspired, even though some of the motifs are rather quirky and not at all realistic or literal. I’m excited about working more on these and creating more. I really have become passionated about pattern design this year.

So, without further review, here’s “Earthy Delights” ;)

Earthy Delights










What can you picture those designs in? An stationary line? wall paper? upholstery? A penny for your thoughts! and stay tuned for my more detailed post on “Make Art that Sells” class next week.


3 thoughts on “My Poor Neglected Blog :(

  1. isalotus says:

    Hi there! I really love your work, Carolina… So cheerful, beautiful, whimsical; it invites the viewer to imagine wondrous, alternate, possible worlds… For these designs, I would say bedding; duvet covers, shams? Hope you won’t give up on your trademark concentric circles though? Which brings up your artwork. I think (carefully chosen) painting reproductions should go on keychains, stationary; blank greeting cards; 3-ring binder covers, folders, pencil cases, notebooks (journals), pencils, index card boxes, laptop sleeves. It could be a whole line. The target market would be the (most likely female) Middle/High school students… And how about a small book (5×7) collection of affirmation/uplifting quotes? Quote on right page, illustration on left. Don’t know what the copyright issues might come into play, but it would be neat. Anyway… here are my two cents for whatever it’s worth! :)

    • Carolina Coto says:

      Thanks for the comment and your super kind words of encouragement isalotus ;). My work is in a transition state right now ( I will post super new work pictures soon!), but I think the concentric circles and spirals will always be around in one way or another in my work. I’m already doing the keychains and blank greeting cards (only in small scale for local shows), thanks for all suggestions! Cheers ;)

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