Intention: The Universe is a People Pleaser

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Thinking about the word “intention”, I guess I realized that I had unknowingly set intentions for my life since I was about 9 years old. How crazy it is that we naturally have this ability of following steps that could lead us to fulfill our wildest dreams and yet we constantly doubt ourselves and/or forget that we are capable of this.

I learned a few years ago that to set an intention, I must really be ready for something to happen. I remember wanting something (very specifically, a partner in life, a husband :) ), but being so comfortable with my single life, in my pretty little apartment, I never really asked for it, meaning, I never said or wrote, specifically: “This is what I want”.  One day I wrote down in a little notebook what I wanted. For the first time I wrote down exactly what I desired and I wrote 5 characteristics that were a “must” in that partner in life of mine that I was reaching out to “the universe” for. I thought about it real well, I felt an “I’m ready for this ‘fo’ rizzle‘ ” in my guts and closed my notebook and really did forget about it. A few months later I met this “guy” who a little bit over a year later became my aaawesome husband. Yeyy. Sometime before we married, I found my notebook that had been forgotten in a drawer and I read what I had written more than a year before. I read the list of “characteristics” I wanted in this future husband of mine and I was pretty impressed to discover that “the universe” was quite a people pleaser, what I asked for in that list, I got.  I guess that’s when I remembered that we have this “natural ability” and that’s when I thought “man dang” this thing works. By “thing” I mean, setting and intention, or you can call it whatever you want, “asking the universe” (if you’re a little “hippie” like me), just being ready for that change/goal/ trip /career that you want to happen and just having the “availability” for it to happen.  I don’t know how, but it seems that when you “do it” (again, set an intention, ask the universe, etc) it’s like you wire your brain into that state of mind and you end up doing the right moves, searching for the right things, being in the right places that lead you to that thing you set yourself to accomplish. I don’t know. It’s like magic. Ha ;), it really is…

Has it ever happen to you, that you think about or maybe dream about someone that you haven’t seen in a long time, maybe someone you went to school with but you haven’t seen since then, and then 1 or 2 days after you thought about them, you run into them? in a random place? that has happened to me many times and I always get that feeling that somehow I thought or dreamed about them because I knew I was going to run into them. I know this happens to everybody. If we can be so intuitive with random things like this, imagine with the natural tools that we have, what our brain, what our soul is capable of doing if we set our mind to it, if we set an “intention”, if we ask for it, if we make ourselves “available” for those things that we want. Just imagine…


And we said “I Do”…!
My husband Brian and me on our wedding day.

There will be a little party on Facebook this Friday to discuss and celebrate “Intention”, click on the picture and come join us! they’re fun!


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