Some things you can’t control

In Art Festivals’ world, there’s 2 things you can’t control: sales and weather. Yesterday I participated in a new local art show, the Windmill Point Art Fair, here in the Outer Banks. I’m glad that I was there, I got to practice my set up (which takes me 2.5 hours) and just be there, showing my art, hanging out with other artists.  The weather was brutal towards the end, the wind started knocking down people’s stuff from their tables and many people was forced to start packing up early. I have to say that I’m really glad that I invested in a good tent at the beginning of this year, my mesh walls were flapping a little bit though the show but my art work was “hanging in there”, no problem, the whole time. Take down was a different story, I thought the wind was just going to take all my art work as I was taking it down…same thing with my panels, tent top, etc. All my framed stuff was covered in dirt that the wind was carrying, same as me, I was not sure what was sun tan and what was dirt, seriously. Besides that (and the fact that I did not sell 1 thing, nothing, cero), I’m just excited to keep painting and getting ready for future shows, and even if we can’t control the weather, or sales, I’m going to declare, I will do good next show ;).

Here’s a picture of my set up yesterday, what y’all think?

photo (9)

and I really want to share this other pic, with my friend’s Dawn Gray‘s permission, this is Dawn and her little baby Marbella, who was a real trooper yesterday at the show, Dawn set up this little “pool” for Marbella to stay cool and have some fun during the show, I thought it was brilliant…Marbella napped and played through the day at the show…just a normal day for an artist’s baby :)


And now I’m off to paint (and re frame some of my art work that got all dirty from the wind yesterday :/ )

Over and out :)


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